Who is The Dillinger Group?

The Dillinger Group offers comprehensive solutions in renewable energy with the main focus being on large-scale photovoltaic power plants, wind turbines, energy storage units as well as charging infrastructures. As well we being one of the most experienced operators of renewable energy plants in Germany (since 2008). 

We acquire, among other things, completed plants, project rights for example projects ready for construction, projects under development and open spaces for project development. This entails all types of land, open spaces, car ports & greenhouses, roofs (industrial, commercial and residential).

With currently over 40 projects in Germany, 28 projects in Italy and numerous activities in Austria, The Dillinger Group is strengthening it’s position in the renewable energy market. 

The 2.100 MWp in development/processing also meant that a historic enterprise record was broken. The main unique selling points are: 

  • Rapid decision -making processes 
  • Entrepreneur-led /founder-led with private capital and independent of banks 
  • Individual purchase and participation solutions for developers | project owners | plant owners | entrepreneurs, allowing them to participate in potential upside if they so wish
  • Professionals with development, EPC and O&M/AM expertise 
  • In Germany and on-site in Italy, flexible and native speakers

The Dillinger Group achieves it’s contribution to an affordable and viable change from conventional power generation to sustainable, renewable energy production.  

Together with citizens, municipalities, and businesses all over Europe, we strive for a greater acceptance of larger generation and storage plants as well as affordable energy for thousands of SMEs (small and medium enterprises). 


We call for an unideological, scientific, and economically influenced rational view of the various opportunities for power generation and storage options.

By doing so, renewable energy systems will become the most economically viable generation plants. The company’s shared motto is to fight climate change in our daily business, which we continue to strengthen. 

First and foremost, Germany and Europe need to rail back the excessive bureaucracy. The largest obstacles are in fact the local authorities with overstretched structures that are restricted by hundreds of guidelines.  

In addition, reasonable prices need to be formed by clearer market pricing which are not distorted by subsidies. The price for electricity on the market over the last 35 years of 35 Euros per MWh or less does not represent a fair price, neither for conventional nor renewable energy sources.

It is well known that for decades, coal, gas and nuclear energy have been subsidised with hundreds of billions, thus distorting the real price. The final storage costs of radioactive waste from nuclear power production were even transferred to the responsibility of the general public, with further hundreds of billions of euros in additional costs.

The consequences of being dependent on Russian gas imports, and consequently the costs towards trying to be independent, (resulting in a loss of around 110 billion Euros over the last few months), is unique in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.  

And all that in comparison to total subsidies to all renewable energy plants since 2000 (approximately 220 billion euros), which in contrast does not seem as unequal as often portrayed. 

In a highly industrialised economic area such as Germany or Europe, it is not possible, even on a transitional basis, to operate without the base load of nuclear power plants as well as fast-reacting (cold reserve) conventional power stations (gas, coal, etc.) – we can only do everything we can to make them dispensable as quickly as possible.” Simon Dillinger, CEO & founding shareholder



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The Dillinger Group signs a land contract for 80 hectares with one of northern Italy's largest Parmigiano Reggiano producers. The aim is to build and operate a 55 MWp photovoltaic plant with a 35 MWp extension.


The Dillinger Group secures 45 hectares of land along the Padova- Bologna highway in the municipality of Ferrara in Emilia Romagna. The objective is the construction and operation of a 45 MWp photovoltaic plant.


The Dillinger Group signs a land contract for developing, constructing, and operating a 6 MWp PV plant in Ravarino.


The Dillinger Group is starting the development of an 8 MWp PV plant in Isola della Scala in the Veneto region. The plant is to be built upon approval and operated by a subsidiary.


Busseto construction has started. DG ENERGY Solutions GmbH starts the construction of a 7 MWp single-axis tracking PV system in Emilia-Romagna.

With the planned expansion, DG ENERGY Solutions GmbH is realizing a total volume of 10 MWp.


The Dillinger Group purchased a large-scale PV project under construction in northern Germany with an output of 45 MWp. 


The Dillinger Group purchased a large industrial site in Bavaria. A photovoltaic system with an output of 3,5 MWp, storage facility and a charging infrastructure will be constructed to accommodate the tenant’s needs.


The Dillinger Group purchased a commercial site in northern Bavaria. A photovoltaic system with an output of 1,5 MWp, storage facility and a charging infrastructure will be constructed to accommodate the tenant’s needs.


The Dillinger Group signed an EPC contract for a 10 MWp Single Axis Tracker plant in northern Italy. 


The Dillinger Group signed a memorandum of understanding with a leading German logistics company to develop 9 large photovoltaic facilities on car ports with an output up to 200 MWp. 


The Dillinger Group purchased a large industrial plot in northern Italy. Revival of the commercial area planned in conjunction with a 16 MWp photovoltaic system along with 3 MW of storage and fast charging infrastructure.