With our pioneering large-scale project, the Brunner set new standards

12. September 2023


Local property owners are working with The Dillinger Group to realize a 42.7 MWp ground-mounted photovoltaic system in the community of Brunn in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The property owners are offering their contiguous properties for a ground-mounted PV plant. The alliance enables the construction of a larger plant, which significantly reduces the costs for construction and operation. This is the only way to refinance the required customer-side construction of a transformer station through the photovoltaic plant.

On a total of 39.2 hectares along the federal highway 20, 2 photovoltaic plants with a total output of 42.71 MWp, as well as a 10 MW AC coupled storage are to be built. The choice of location next to the federal freeway is ideally suited for the construction of a solar park.

The plants as well as the storage facility are to be connected to the 110 kV power grid of the regional utility E.DIS at a distance of 8.4 kilometers via an own transformer station. The construction permit for the project is expected within the first quarter of 2024. With The Dillinger Group, the property owners have chosen the right partner for the construction and operation of the plant. In doing so, they placed great emphasis on experience, competence, quality and sustainability. The Dillinger Group only works with companies whose working methods meet the highest standards.

The pioneering large-scale PV project in the municipality of Brunn promises excellent prospects for success. Professional planning and implementation as well as the use of state-of-the-art technology will make the project not only ecologically beneficial but also economically attractive. The large-scale project contributes to a positive development of the region and its environment.

With a predicted annual energy production of 40.6 GWh, the plants will be able to cover the electricity needs of more than 500 regional craft enterprises (mechanical engineering companies, carpentry stores, etc. with up to 20 employees), guaranteeing a sustainable, low-cost energy supply in the region.


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