Single Axis Tracker Plant: Melpignano

19. Juli 2023


Today we would like to introduce you to a very special photovoltaic plant in the south of Italy:



The Melpignano project, together with three other PV plants, was taken over by the renowned Beghelli company in 2018.  Subsequently, extensive modernization measures were carried out to increase production (revamping). A key innovation was the installation of ultramodern, high-performance modules arranged in groups of four on a total of 924 axis tracks.

In close cooperation with isa industrieelektronik GmbH, we developed an innovative single axis tracker control hardware and software for this special type of module grouping. Our axis trackers precisely align the position of the modules towards the sun every 15 minutes using an impulse.

Thanks to our planning, implementation and maintenance work, we have already increased the production of the entire plant by 25% within one year. This year we will even reach 40%.

Under optimal weather conditions, the plant can reach a daily production of over 7,500 kWh, which is fed directly into the electricity grid.

Thus, Melpignano is one of the most powerful photovoltaic plants of its kind in the whole of Italy and an outstanding example of what can be achieved by using the latest technology and innovative ideas.



We are proud of the impressive result and enjoy the high energy yields every day in the sunny region of Apulia, in southern Italy.   🌞 🇮🇹 



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