Industrial roof photovoltaic plants: A profitable investment

27. Juni 2023


In times of increasing environmental awareness and rising energy costs, many companies are realizing more and more the value of investing in renewable energies. A wise and sustainable decision is to make unused areas, especially roof areas of industrial buildings, available for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Industrial roof photovoltaic plants have not only ecological but also economic advantages and are therefore a lucrative investment in every way:


Long-term profitability

Although the initial investment costs for industrial rooftop photovoltaic systems may seem high, they are extremely profitable in the long term. The technology in this field is constantly evolving, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs. The lifespan of photovoltaic plants is usually several decades, which allows for a long-term return on investment.


Reduction of energy costs

Industrial roof-mounted photovoltaic systems offer companies financial advantages. By generating their own electricity, energy costs can be reduced significantly. In addition, there is the possibility of feeding surplus electricity into the grid and thus generating an additional source of income. Furthermore, companies can benefit from government subsidy programs and tax advantages that increase the financial incentive for using photovoltaic systems. Most companies consume a lot of electricity during the day, i.e. when production is running at full speed. A photovoltaic system is therefore often profitable even without battery storage, since the electricity produced can be consumed directly by the company itself. In combination with a heat pump, heating costs can also be saved considerably.

Independence and avoidance of production downtime

By reducing dependence on expensive energy suppliers, companies achieve self-sufficiency. In times of crisis, this offers security and the possibility of fully or partially compensating for potential bottlenecks in energy supply with electricity produced in-house. Price shocks such as those experienced in recent months can thus be largely avoided.


Improving the image

The use of industrial rooftop photovoltaic systems demonstrates a company's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Such measures can strengthen the company's image and increase the trust of customers, as well as other stakeholders. This is clear evidence of an innovative mindset and future-oriented thinking. 

In addition, companies can demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the support of renewable energy. In today's world, there is a growing consensus that companies with a modern mindset should consider a photovoltaic system as an indispensable investment.


Improving the energy balance

Industrial rooftop photovoltaic plants utilize the unlimited energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. This reduces the need for fossil fuels and the associated CO2 emissions. The construction of an industrial roof photovoltaic system thus reduces the number of CO2 certificates needed, which will gradually increase in price.

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