Discover the wide range of applications for large-area photovoltaics

28. August 2023

In recent years, the use of photovoltaics has established itself as an efficient and environmentally friendly method of generating energy.

Large-scale photovoltaic systems are often associated with solar parks along highways or in designated areas. But there are numerous photovoltaic systems that differ in size, design and effect - some are even particularly innovative. Today we would like to present a symbiosis of photovoltaic and building, which may seem unconventional but at second glance is very ecological.

The plant in Porto Tolle (northern Italy), commissioned in 2011, is in our own inventory and produces sustainable regenerative energy on the roof of a 10,000 m² greenhouse. Greenhouses lend themselves to the installation of photovoltaics on the south side due to their often large, sloping roofs. The dual use of the space contributes to sustainable agriculture. In addition to providing additional protection for plants from severe weather, hail, or excessively intense sunlight, photovoltaic systems on greenhouses can also reduce water consumption and increase yields for certain types of plants.

A win-win situation for farmers and the environment.

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